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Everything You Should Know About CNC Machining Medical Parts

CNC machining is becoming more and more popular in the medical field. It is an ideal manufacturing process for manufacturing medical device parts with complex structures and hard materials. Especially, 5-axis simultaneous machining has made outstanding contributions to the manufacture of various orthopedic implants and dental implants.

Common plastic forming process vacuum casting

There are many forming processes for plastic parts, including injection molding, blow-molding, extrusion molding, blister molding, vacuum casting etc. Each plastic forming processing has its unique advantages and disadvantages. Today we will focus on introducing you the working procedure, advantages and disadvantages of the vacuum casting processing, as well as common material used for vacuum casting, etc.

CNC Machining Ceramic
Precautions for CNC Machining Ceramic Parts

CNC machining Ceramic parts have high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, insulation and other properties, and widely used in semiconductors, optical fiber communications, lasers, medical equipment, petroleum, metallurgy, electronics and other industries. Are you confused about CNC machining ceramic parts ? Find a reliable professional CNC machining workshop that provides high-quality, on-demand rapid manufacturing services for custom part prototyping and product manufacturing. Get quality ceramic CNC machining services at the favorable price.

cnc machine
Factors Affecting CNC Machining Costs

Although 3D printing has become a hot topic in the mainstream media, expectations for it have not been too high in recent years, especially when it comes to making metal parts. CNC machining remains one of the most cost-effective manufacturing processes in on-demand production to date. When looking for custom CNC machined parts, the price from different manufacturers can be very differently, sometimes even a double the gap. Most of people felt confuse, what factors affecting the price of CNC machined parts? In fact, in CNC machining there is no fixed cost that can be universally applied to different CNC projects. This article will help you to understand some of the major factors affecting CNC machining costs, and provide you some advices about how to reduce the CNC machining cost for meet your project budget.

CNC - Machine-ptfe Components
What You Should Know About Machining Teflon

Teflon is a white solid at room temperature, and melting point is 327°C. The bond composed of carbon and fluorine (one of the strongest bonds available in organic chemistry) with non-reactive character, and Medical implants made of Teflon will not be rejected by the body, and has a very low coefficient of friction, it is one of the ideal materials for making sliding parts such as bearings. Although the Teflon surface is relatively soft, it is difficult to maintain precision, CNC machining is still one of the best ways to make Teflon parts or prototypes. The CNC machining cost factor of PTFE/Teflon is 1.2 compared to steel 12L14.

cnc machining peek
What You Should Know About CNC Machining PEEK

CNC machining shops typically stock bars with diameters ranging from 6mm to 150mm. Before machining, PEEK must be stress relieved by an annealing process. This is to prevent the formation of surface cracks and internal stress due to heat generated during cutting. In long-time PEEK machining, additional annealing procedures are required, such as an annealing procedure before roughing, and a second annealing before finishing to eliminate the possibility of crack formation. The cost factor for PEEK CNC machining is 0.9 compared to steel 12L14.

CNC machining-delrin
You should know the information about CNC machining Delrin

After a lot of practice, it is proved that Delrin is a substitute for some metals and has been widely used in various fields. As a trusted prototype manufacturer in China to provide the perfect solution for CNC machining Delrin. “If you have any CNC project please feel free to send CAD files to DDPROTOTYPE, we will provide design advice for free, reduce costs and provide precision parts,” says Martin, the principal of DDPROTOTYPE.

You need to know how to calculate the cost of CNC machining
You need to know how to calculate the cost of CNC machining

There are many factors that affect the quotation of CNC machining, and there is no fixed cost that can be universally applied to different machining projects. The following tips read for 5 minutes, let you know how to calculate the cost of CNC machining, and provide some tips for optimizing your budget.

CNC machining or 3D printing for your project?

In this post, I will share some technical guidelines on CNC machining and 3D printing to help you understand how the two differ in multiple dimensions such as accuracy, materials, cost, quality, efficiency and speed to determine your project Choose between CNC machining or 3D printing.

Choose a Reliable Rapid Manufacturing Company In China

Fortunately, Chinese rapid manufacturing companies envisioning global commerce are trying to break the shackles of this stereotype. DDPROTOTYPE was established with a focus on global business and is committed to becoming a leader in rapid manufacturing services in China, an ISO9001-2015 certified expert in rapid prototyping and small batch manufacturing.

CNC machining supplier
Precautions for CNC machining functional prototypes

The manufacturing processes favored by companies that make functional prototypes (and rapid prototyping) – CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting, rapid tooling and a range of surface finishing procedures, etc.

What Differentiates Between Aluminum 5052 and Aluminum 6061?

Take the common Aluminum 5052 and Aluminum 6061 as an example, and compare it in all aspects to help you better understand the difference between Aluminum 5052 and Aluminum 6061, then choose the most suitable aluminum alloy type for your CNC machining parts.

Custom CNC Machining Copper Parts

After the surface protection treatment of CNC machining copper parts, it can keep bright and corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance for a long time. No matter what kind of personalized design you have, DDPROTOTYPE will wholeheartedly provide you with customized CNC machining copper parts services.

Tips for reducing CNC machining costs

Before understanding the techniques for reducing CNC machining costs, we must understand the price factors of CNC custom parts firstly. The most important factor is the processing time, which even exceeds the depreciation cost of the machine and the programming cost. The trick to reducing CNC machining costs is to follow certain rules to optimize the design, thereby reducing machining time without compromising the mechanical functionality of the part. DDPROTOTYPE has rounded up over ten tips to hopefully cut costs for your next CNC project.

Medical Device CNC Machining
Precautions For CNC Machining Medical Devices

CNC machining is the ideal manufacturing option for medical devices. Manufacturers who specialize in CNC machining can provide economical solutions and optimize production costs for even the most complex medical components and assemblies. The process can machining very accurate medical prototypes in a short time, compatible with a variety of plastics, metals and other special materials. While most metal or plastic components must meet the requirements of ISO 9001 quality management, medical prototypes and components must also meet more demanding standards.

surface roughness
The surface roughness of CNC machined parts

CNC machining can manufacture the part with tight tolerance requirements and fine parts of various metals or plastics, and is one of the best machining methods for custom parts and prototype production. During CNC machining, raw material is selectively and precisely removed to produce the part that approximate the final shape. This machining process is also commonly referred to as subtractive manufacturing. As the CNC cutting tool continuously removes raw material during machining, visible cutting tool marks will be created on the surface of the part. For the definition of finish of these cutting tool marks, we call it the surface roughness of CNC machined parts and divide it into various roughness grades.

The Finishing Services For CNC machined parts

In addition, for CNC machining precision metal parts, in order to meet the purpose of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, decoration, improving service life or adding other special functions, we generally adopt specific finishing services to meet the requirements. For the surface treatment of customized metal parts, the common techniques we see are anodizing, electroplating, electrolytic polishing, passivation, brushing, sandblasting, painting and powder coating, etc.

competitive CNC machining shop
What conditions should a competitive CNC machining shop have?

A CNC machining shop is usually a small but professional manufacturing facility dedicated to delivering custom parts and prototypes in a short time. CNC machining is one of the most popular ways to manufacture prototypes and low-volume parts, and today let we discuss for meet customers’ needs, what conditions required for a competitive CNC machining shop.

Bronze vs Brass
Bronze vs Brass, Which is Better for Your CNC Machining Project

CNC milling and turning are compatible with hundreds of metal alloys. Which material is best for your CNC machining project? It depends on many factors, including price, machinability, corrosion resistance, strength, weight, and appearance. Material selection is a very important part of any manufacturing process, especially materials with similar alloying elements, such as bronze and brass, which are both copper alloys. Next, we’ll introduce the difference between bronze and brass and explain which is better for your CNC machining project.

Aluminum Mold
Comparison of aluminum mold and steel mold

General speaking about the injection mold is a steel mold. But its machining cost is expensive and the lead time is long. If only small volume or medium volume parts are required for manufacturing, aluminum molds have become the first choice.As technology advanced continuously, aluminum has also become a popular choice for mass production. What is the difference between aluminum mold and steel mold? This article will introduce the difference between the two in details.

tolerance for CNC machining
Knowledge of tolerance for CNC machining

Tolerance is an acceptable range of deviations from expected values for dimensions determined by the designer based on the shape, fit and function of the part. CNC machining is very precise, but not perfect, it is impossible for two parts made using the same manufacturing process to make the same part with the same exact dimensions even on the same CNC machine. If tighter tolerances for CNC machining are required (eg +/- .002”), the more precise information of the critical dimensions must be marked on the drawings.

cnc machining PMMA
The Complete Guide of CNC Machining Acrylic

If you want to make prototypes out of acrylic, CNC machining acrylic is an inescapable topic. Since acrylic has been used in the field of CNC machining for many years, this article will detail the precautions for CNC machining acrylic, which will take about 3 minutes to read.

Stainless steel vs aluminum
Stainless steel vs aluminum, which is better for your CNC machining project

CNC machining is compatible with hundreds of metal materials, of which stainless steel and aluminum are the most popular for custom parts and prototypes. Aluminium and stainless steel have similar looks, both are versatile, and products made of both materials are always found around us. Stainless steel vs aluminum, which is better for your CNC machining project? Today we analyze the difference between the two metals from various aspects to help you choose a more suitable material.

cost of anodizing aluminum
Factors affecting the cost of anodizing aluminum parts

Aluminum alloy has become the second largest type of metal material next to steel due to its excellent physical and chemical properties such as low density, high strength excellent ductility, good electrical conductivity, strong corrosion resistance and easy forming. Especially, the use of CNC machining technology to manufacture aluminum prototype has received widespread attentions. There are many surface treatment for custom aluminum parts, such as anodizing, micro-arc oxidation, electroplating, painting (Powder coating or painting) etc., and the most widely used process is anodizing. Today let we discuss the knowledge of anodizing and anodizing of aluminum parts.

CNC Machining Quotation
Factors Affecting CNC Machining Quotation

When you make up your mind to start a prototype project, if CNC machining is the first choice, then the quotation of CNC machining will be one of the topics you concerned. You will be surprised for the huge price differences, when you received the quotation from different supplier in different countries.

Aluminum 6061 or 7075
How to choose Aluminum 6061 or 7075 for CNC project?

Aluminum has excellent strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance, and with excellent machinability compares to other metals such as steel and titanium. Aluminum widely used in automotive, sports equipment, electrical, construction and aerospace industries. Given the wide variety of Aluminum alloys available, choosing the right Aluminum alloy for your CNC machining project can be challenging.

CNC Machining Materials
CNC Machining Materials Selective Guide

There are around 21 types of CNC machining materials commonly used. This article will introduce in detail how to choose the right material after the design is determined, which can not only meet the needs of the project, but also save the budget. As CNC machining is compatible with material ranging from engineering plastics to metals. This creates challenges for designers and R&D teams when selecting materials for CNC projects. Next, let we discuss various key factors need to consider when choosing the right material.

Is 5-axis CNC machining a better option for your custom part machining?

In the era of Industry 4.0, the demand for various customized parts is increasing, and 5-axis CNC machining service is becoming more and more popular. What confuses us is which kind of CNC machining center is best for your CNC projects, there seems to be no standard definition. Let’s discuss today, whether 5-axis CNC machining a better option for your custom parts.

anodizing aluminum
The surface finishing of metal parts

Surface finishing is to form a layer with one or more special properties on the surface of the material through physical or chemical methods. Surface treatment can improve prototype appearance, texture, function and other aspects of performance.

CNC machining vs SLA and SLS

CNC machining technology is extremely typical in the rapid manufacturing sector. From plastic parts to metal components, it can be seen anywhere. Prior to we jump to the topic, let me quickly reveal you the benefits and drawbacks of various innovations,about CNC machining,SLA,SLS.

precision manufacturing
Improving Prototype Design

Improving Prototype Design is necessary for manufacturing and prototyping to test our CAD File and Finishing Options. Prior to you are ready to dispatch that model style, do take into consideration the adhering to three ways that can boost your product design prototype.

CNC Machining Issues and Solutions
TOP 5 CNC Machining Issues and Solutions

CNC machining solutions are winding up being considerably prominent as a result of high accuracy, premium efficiency, strong capacity, and also adaptability. However when we do not maintain it appropriately or do some incorrect procedures, its performance and also item top quality will certainly be influenced. What is CNC machine the most normal Issues? In this short article, we’ll discuss the issues in the CNC machining process and additionally exactly just how to getting the solutions.

5 Tips for Quality Control for CNC Machining
Guide to Quality Control for CNC Machining Process and Products

5 Tips for Quality Control for CNC Machining Process and Products.DDPROTOTYPE is focusing on CNC machined parts quality control for each task, confirming each customer gets the desired item with different measuring tools and tools to take a look at the CNC machined parts produced in our factory.

Application of functional prototype

A functional prototype is the most basic working prototype built to validate a product design, which can be regarded as the initial model of the final product, and already contains the functions and appearance required by the design. Additionally, it is an integral part of the assembly, testing, piloting, and market research process that evaluates design, materials, strength, tolerances, assembly, work mechanisms, manufacturability. Functional prototype can be manufactured with several prototyping techniques and engineering-grade materials, which can work under simulating real working conditions, and purpose for validate the design and improve the design by testing the form, fitness, and functionality.

How does EDM Machining Works
How does EDM machining works

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a manufacturing process in which sparks are generated by electric discharge to make a work piece into a desired shape.As a experienced manufacturing in China, DDPROTOTYPE can provide customers with precise EDM Machining services with our advanced EDM equipment. No matter how complicated the structure is, we always have a suitable solution to achieve it.

vacuum casting process
How to make silicone mold?

Silicone mold, As the name implies, it is a kind of mold made with silicon material. It is a relatively popular rapid mold manufacturing process. With good toughness, using vacuum casting (also named as vacuum forming), can produce plastic parts with complex structure, fine surface characteristics, size stability, in line with the material characteristics of various plastic.  

CNC Aluminum Machining

If you are looking for manufacturers to provide high-quality CNC aluminum machining services, DDPROTOTYPE is one of the most capable and economical companies for 3-axis and 5-axis precision custom CNC machining parts.

The Complete Guide For CNC Machining

This paper introduces the complete guide of CNC machining in detail, including advantages and disadvantages, design rules and techniques, material selection, cost reduction, finishing service, etc., to help designers around the world to transform their ideas into ideal plastic or metal parts. The concept of DDPROTOTYPE is to provide due contribution to the world’s manufacturing industry, committed to the prototype machining and Low-volume manufacturing of metals and plastics.

precision manufacturing
Precision Manufacturing

DDPROTOTYPE provides customers with a range of precision manufacturing solutions. It is an excellent integrated engineering and contract manufacturing center for manufacturing mission critical components and components for the aerospace, defense, industrial and medical markets. DDPROTOTYPE aims to be the preferred precision manufacturing supplier for customers who are looking for manufacturing partners who can produce highly customized parts, manufacturing and components.

Custom Machining

For Custom machining parts, it is difficult to find a faster and better method than CNC machining. Due to its comprehensive combination of advantages, including high manufacturing efficiency, accuracy and repeatability, a variety of materials can be selected. With the rapid modeling of CAD, convenient online orders and convenient global logistics, designers can now order customized parts within a few days. For example, ddprototype can deliver customized parts to the customer’s address within 5 days.

cnc machining china-1
CNC Machining China

DDPROTOTYPE provides customized CNC machining on-demand manufacturing services, professional leader in low-volume manufacturing and CNC machining China, and has passed the ISO 9001-2015 certification. Rich CNC machining experience can better manufacturing complex shape products and high-precision products.relying on dozens of CNC machining equipment, can quickly supply goods and reduce costs. Excellent in-house production capacity, 20 minutes from raw material warehouse to production line, and delivery of high-quality prototypes in a few hours.

Prototype Manufacturing

DDPROTOTYPE’s expert team will also provide practical help in every step of prototyping. With our knowledge reserve of prototype manufacturing, with the most advanced rapid prototype manufacturing technology and endless materials, DDPROTOTYPE is a rapid prototype manufacturing company, which has passed ISO 9001 certification, specializing in prototype machining and low volume manufacturing of customized parts, providing one-stop service from prototype to production.

How to reduce the cost of CNC machining
How to reduce the cost of CNC machining

CNC machining is still one of the most popular ways to create rapid prototyping and low-volume production, with high precision and repeatability, it can process almost any type of materials, and is widely trusted by designers. In the short term, it is difficult to have better technology to surpass CNC machining. Before developing new products, enterprises usually consider how to reduce the budget. So it is very important to reduce the cost of CNC machining in the early stage of prototype creation.

Aluminum and stainless steel parts for aerospace

Aluminum and stainless steel parts for aerospace applications are the subject of our discussion. Aluminum used to make up most of the materials used in aerospace applications. However, aluminum accounts for only 20% of the materials used in today’s typical jets. Due to the demand for light aircraft, composite materials, carbon reinforced polymers and honeycomb materials are more and more popular in the aerospace industry.

CNC Machining in Communication Industry

CNC machining in communication industry plays an important role.CNC machining refers to “computer numerical control”, which is a system using computer to control and move machines. These milling cutters are usually used for metal machining, but they can also be used to manufacture products for various industries. With the ability to use multiple metals for complex design, engineers can use CNC to machine and manufacture precise communication equipments.

The Latest Trend of CNC Machining Materials

It is necessary to discuss the latest trend of CNC machining material for the purpose of customized parts solutions. CNC machining is a manufacturing process known for its versatility. CNC manufacturers use this process to create high-quality, custom designed parts and products for a wide range of industries from almost any type of material. Typical CNC machining materials include metals, plastics, wood, foam and fiberglass.

Best practices for purchasing CNC manufacturers

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology has improved the ability of many machine shop and manufacturing business, is a highly competitive industry, each company can play its own advantages, but not all contract CNC manufacturers are equal. It is important to consider a variety of options and choose CNC manufacturers that can handle your project, budget and other unique needs that you may have.

CNC Machined Parts on Demand

At DDPROTOTYPE, our ISO9001 certified CNC machining equipments is designed for rapid prototyping and low volume production of end use components. DDPROTOTYPE is an industry leader in rapid turning CNC machining services for customization of rapid prototyping and production parts.