Education Prototyping

Education Prototyping

College students are the engine of an innovative group for education prototyping. They are open-minded and know more about how to win the trust of consumers. DDPROTOTYPE serves the prototype machining needs of college students around the world every year, turning their ideas into reality, or getting considerable support on crowdsourcing websites, or having the financial support of venture capital funds. Eventually bring innovative products to the market.

Product Development

When it comes to high-quality prototypes, there’s no one better for the job than the product development team at DDPROTOTYPE Partners. We are unmatched in our ability to rapidly create functional, highly-aesthetic and refined product prototypes using our in-house team and equipment, regardless of the stage of your idea.
Are you in the early stages of your product? We can create prototypes to help you make informed product decisions. Are you interested in launching a new product through a crowdfunding campaign to cover manufacturing costs? We can build prototypes that will impress your backers.


Prototype Design

Prototype Design Capabilities Cover All Aspects of education prototyping Development.Whether you’re in need a proof-of-concept,CNC Machining, 3D printing services, molded parts, highly refined functional prototypes or form models, our product prototype development team can handle even the most complex requirements.



If you have an idea that needs to be designed, prototyped and tested but don’t know where to start, our team is able to create a works-like model of your innovation.



Functional Prototypes
Functional Analysis
Ergonomic Testing
Rapid Mechanical Layout
Core Concept Validation




If you have an idea that needs to be designed, prototyped and tested but don’t know where to start, our team is able to create a works-like model of your innovation.

Are You Ready To Get Started On Your Next Prototyping Project?

Our engineers and model makers use state of the art equipment like laser cutters, water jets, CNC milling and 3D printing to make beautiful and functional prototypes. Whether your product fits in a hand or needs a trailer to haul it around, we can tackle any prototype.
we remain in complete control through the entire product prototyping process. We utilize many in-house fabrication processes to take care of your model-making and prototyping needs.



Education Prototyping Video | DDPROTOTYPE


Prototyping Process

For many product creators, designers and developers, one of the best parts of making a brand new product is the prototyping process. They get to hold ever-more-refined versions of their own creation in their hands, tweaking and molding and making corrections and adding features and functionality as they go. Their goal is for every prototype to be better than the last, and that they eventually end up with one that will convince buyers to open their wallets.
But many are unfamiliar with the journey to that point. There are many types of prototypes, each of which serves a unique purpose, and some of which are optimal for certain product types. Here are just a few you may encounter when you work with Enventys Partners to refine your new product.


Proof of Concept

The proof of concept is the earliest version of your product. Its purpose is to show that a small subset of technology or ideas can be successfully assembled, and that it can be integrated into complex systems. At this stage, whether or not it actually has real-world applications or functionality is not considered. Proofs of concept will not have the appearance of a final product, and may not be constructed of the same materials as later versions. This prototype will be used simply to confirm the validity and viability of your idea.



Designs for Demonstration

If you are preparing to pitch your product to potential investors, you will likely want a design for demonstration. At this point, you have determined all technologies that will be used in your product and combined them into one working prototype. It may not be aesthetically pleasing or perfectly designed, but it is perfect for demonstrating that the product is real and that it works.



Functional Prototypes

A functional prototype is a unit in which all the features work, but the configuration of the product has not yet been finalized. The production of this form of prototype provides a clear demonstration of the viability of the product, yet allows for changes to increase the usability and desirability of the final version.

Aesthetic Prototypes

Ideally, purchasing and using your product should evoke feelings of pleasure and satisfaction in the buyer. Color, shape and feel must produce a positive response. Rounded shapes are often perceived as more desirable than sharp corners. Consumers may prefer softer materials to harder ones, and a matte finish often conveys a luxurious impression. Aesthetic prototypes are used to determine the most appealing form factor for your product.


Our facilities have the capacity to produce a full range of prototypes for any stage of product development. Are you ready for prototyping to take your vision to the next level?