Why Choose Us

One To One Service

DDPROTOTYPE attaches great importance to communication with customers, so one-to-one customer service is a very important policy that DDPROTOTYPE adheres to. Whatever you need, you can contact your account manager to help. You will always feel valued and supported.

Quality Control System

Customers will always put quality first. That’s why DDPROTOTYPE also makes quality the top priority. DDPROTOTYPE has its own factory, but also works with 50 + prototype manufacturing partners.DDPROTOTYPE has continuously invested in advanced quality inspection equipment and training to try its best to meet customers’ demanding quality requirements.

One-stop solution

DDPROTOTYPE has its own factory, more than 40 professional engineers and more than 50 manufacturing partner networks in China. All partners are strictly selected through on-site factory inspection, certificate verification, best manufacturing capability analysis and quality control system inspection.

Engineers in various fields

DDPROTOTYPE has more than 40 engineers in various fields to support your project. Engineers have worked in mold or rapid prototyping companies for more than 10 years, designed hundreds of various molds and supervised the manufacturing of molds. As the founder of DDPROTOTYPE, many engineers adhere to the principle of customer first, strictly control the quality, and ensure that the prototype parts go through strict quality inspection process before delivery.

Large manufacturing network

DDPROTOTYPE does have its own factory, but it works with 50 + prototype manufacturing partners. The mission of DDPROTOTYPE is to become the world’s most intelligent and convenient manufacturing platform for all industries. That’s why it’s trying to build a large supplier network in China.

Competitive Edge

DDPROTOTYPE is the leader of CNC machining services in the production of high-precision turning and milling parts, with a strong competitive edge. As the preferred CNC machining service provider for tasks requiring complex and difficult machining parts, we enjoy a long reputation and are highly respected and trusted by customers.