Case Study

Rapid Tooling Case

DDPROTOTYPE provides aluminum mold and steel mold for rapid tooling according to the needs of customers. It can hand over the parts of your designated materials within 2-5 weeks. we combine rapid injection molding advanced equipment with proprietary technology and experienced manufacturing teams to help you reduce design risk and save overall production cost.

Anodized Aluminum

Anodized aluminum is a very popular prototype, very easy to be machined, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, is the preferred solution for many designers. Hendry, a designer from Australia, is committed to the development of water fluidding. He searched for aluminum prototyping in Google and found DDPROTOTYPE, a leading prototype machining company in China.

Aluminum Prototyping

The customer is a Japanese company that provides professional services and engineering solutions for fluid systems around the world. Double-sided CNC milling, shape stability and milling tolerances were the challenges of the prototype.

Bicycle Lampshade Prototype

This is a project of bicycle rear lampshade prototype. Customers from Japan found DDPROTOTYPE by searching “prototype machining” in Google. Our professional website has attracted customers’ attention.. After the price comparison, DDPROTOTYPE is 40% lower than that of Japan’s local rapid prototyping company.

Robot Prototype Machining

DDPROTOTYPE has rich experience in robot prototype machining, serving robot designers in more than 20 countries around the world and providing comprehensive robot prototype machining solutions. We offer a wide range of manufacturing technologies, including 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding, vacuum casting, etc.

Artificial Leg Prototype

Mr. Zanuk, is engaged in the development of medical devices to improve the lives of patients. Zanuk searched “Medical Prototyping” on Google, and found that the DDPROTOTYPE website was particularly sophisticated and professional, and then uploaded a .step file for quotation. Jennifer handled the business in the first place and made constructive suggestions.

Aluminum Hexagons

Mr. Hoy, who is a film maker, a director of photography ,more precise from the United States ,always incorporate a lot of engineering in his projects to enable him shots . In April 2017, Mr. Hoy searched for “cnc aluminum machining” on Google and get in touch with us to request quote for a aluminum hexagon prototype made from aluminum alloy.

Automatic Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

DDPROTOTYPE is very lucky to be able to provide a series of solutions for the prototype of automatic unmanned underwater vehicle (AUV). With more than 15 years of prototype machining experience, DDPROTOTYPE supports the advanced 5-axis CNC machining centers from Japan and the United States.