Automobile Prototyping

Since the first batch of automobiles entered the market, great changes have taken place in automobile prototyping technology. For some automotive parts, CNC machining involves the implementation of computer control and automation tasks such as drilling and drilling, which can now be used as a favorable choice for prototype design and production. CNC machine tools convert digital files into sequential computer instructions and send them to electric tools such as drills, lathes or milling machines. By cutting a piece of material into a finished product in an appropriate position, the tool provides higher precision than traditional processing. This is a good choice for prototype manufacturing and production of automotive parts all over the world.

CNC machine tool

It uses G code and M code to cut, drill and other manufacturing processes. It has the characteristics of accuracy and accuracy. The design and manufacture of mechanical components in modern CNC controllers are highly automated. The dimensions of components are defined by using some CAD software, and then converted into manufacturing instructions by using CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software. Converting instructions to specific commands (such as G code and M code) is necessary for a particular machine to generate components.
Tool motion on CNC is controlled along different axes. The modern CNC machine tools used use 5-axis processing. Five-axis machining enables the cutting tool to move along five different axes at the same time, so that complex parts can be machined with complete efficiency and accuracy.


CNC Machining for Automobile Prototyping

High performance is required in every aspect of manufacturing technology. As a result, automobile companies are using many processing technologies to produce different parts, such as body panels, windshields, door panels and various internal and external components. Car companies are using CNC machines to produce precision and efficient parts faster. The application of CNC machine tool in automobile field is called CNC automobile.
Several important parts of automobile can be produced by using CNC automobile prototyping technology. Engine cylinder is one of them, in which large aluminium can be converted into engine cylinder or engine cylinder, in which the piston travels up and down at high speed and high temperature.


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Automobiles Parts

CNC machined for automobiles can use materials such as acrylic glass or PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) for interior and exterior lighting of vehicles. Other components such as exhaust components, suspension components, carburetor housing can be manufactured using CNC automotive prototyping technology, because the whole process produces accurate components relatively quickly. Because CAD allows rapid changes in the design of parts, the manufacturing technology can be used to customize vehicles and their components.



Quality  Inspection

With the ability to run from prototype to 200,000 assemblies per year, DDPROTOTYPE can provide a large number of finished CNC parts with high consistency and quality (corresponding cost savings). In addition, because we can provide precise CNC parts with high consistency and quality, the finished CNC parts can be directly put into stock (bypassing quality control and inspection).

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