Finishing service

In addition to high precision prototype machining technology, DDPROTOTYPE also has rich experience in finishing service. With the support of our internal laboratories or partner suppliers, we can complete various finishing services to meet your visual or functional requirements.
Finishing service is a process used to change the prototype surface to give it a unique or desired appearance or function. Different technologies are used to improve appearance, adhesion, weldability, corrosion resistance, hardness, conductivity and other properties. Regardless of the processing method, DDPROTOTYPE can provide high quality finishing service for your prototype. We have some skilled experts to complete the task, so your prototype machining quality is very high. If you want perfect prototype machining, please contact us for quotation.


Anodizing is the formation of an oxide film on the surface by electrolysis using metal or alloy prototype as the anode. It makes the prototype surface colored, has better corrosion resistance, wear resistance, hardness to protect the prototype surface.anodizing is an ideal surface treatment for paint and primer. It also looks great.We usually use type II anodizing, which allows us to add tones or dyes to your parts for various visual effects. Type III anodic oxidation is also suitable for prototypes requiring particularly hard surfaces.


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Electroplating (plating)

The principle of electrolysis is to coat the product layer with a thin layer of another metal or alloy. Electroplating products can prevent metal oxidation (such as rusting), improve wear resistance, conductivity, reflectivity, corrosion resistance (such as copper sulfate), and improve the beautiful appearance.
Galvanizing (coloured zinc, white zinc, blue-white zinc)
Copper plating (brass, spare copper, copper sulfate)
Electroless nickel plating (mist nickel, Pearl nickel, bright nickel, black nickel)
Chromium plating (decorative chromium and hard chromium)
Gold plating (genuine gold, imitation gold)
Silver plating


Grinding and Polishing

We attach great importance to providing the most professional finishing services for your prototype and production needs. This usually involves hand-polishing to prepare parts for subsequent painting and plating.
Grinding is used not only to prepare for painting, but also to make the final surface treatment. We can provide various metal effects for drawing and satin surfaces, as well as optical transparent polishes on transparent acrylic resins. All our work is done in a clean, well-lit, environmentally friendly model workshop.


Optical prototype finishing service

In the prototype manufacturing of optical transparent components for camera components and automotive lamps, it is important to use manual polishing technology to implement transparent products to meet customer needs. Engineers face each part and perform surface treatment according to the different shapes and transparent specifications of each part. DDPROTOTYPE transparent resin material surface polishing technology reliability has been highly valued and trusted by customers.


Powder Coating

DDPROTOTYPE provides powder coating services for your prototype, covering various steel and aluminum prototypes, etc. This means that you can provide durable, corrosion-resistant solutions for your metal prototype. The benefits of powder coatings include chemical resistance, ultraviolet shock resistance and electrical insulation. These advantages make powder coatings an ideal choice for industries where “wear” often occurs, such as freight and transportation industries.