Technical support

CNC Machined Materials

At DDPROTOTYPE, we use advanced equipment to provide you with various CNC machining services, including milling, turning, EDM, WEDM, surface finishing, etc. With our imported 3 axis, 4 axis, and 5 axis CNC machining centers, our skilled machinists can use a variety of plastic and metal materials to make turning and milling parts.

Drilling and Tapping

Do you have any ideas on how to better design the drilling and tapping on the prototype?CNC machinist of DDPROTOTYPE has a lot of machining experience. He should sort out some guidelines and answer all questions about how to add threaded holes to parts.

Aluminum and Steel Tooling

Aluminum and steel tooling are often used in two forms, each with its own advantages, but aluminum tooling are an ideal alternative to steel molds. Aluminum tools can reduce cycle time and costs.

Manufacturing Standards

Unless we agree with the other tolerances in your quote, we will strive to achieve and maintain the tolerances described below, which will vary depending on the main manufacturing method you choose. DDPROTOTYPE manufacturing standards to help you optimize the design of the manufacturing method of your choice.

Regarding Anodizing Aluminum at Home

Anodizing aluminum parts can be a reliable means of adding boosted mechanical properties to components or improve their aesthetics. Lots of people don’t know just how to anodize aluminum, although the process is relatively easy. Read on to find out more regarding anodizing aluminum at home or in a production factory operation.

Cautions CNC machining shaft parts

Shaft part is a common type of parts, its structure is a rotating body and the length is greater than its diameter generally. It’s widely used in supporting transmission parts, transmission torque and load to bear for various mechanical equipments. The machining of Shaft parts must follow certain rules. Here list out some CNC machining tips & machining cautions of shaft parts.

The Complete Guide For CNC Machining

This paper introduces the complete guide of CNC machining in detail, including advantages and disadvantages, design rules and techniques, material selection, cost reduction, finishing service, etc., to help designers around the world to transform their ideas into ideal plastic or metal parts. The concept of DDPROTOTYPE is to provide due contribution to the world’s manufacturing industry, committed to the prototype machining and Low-volume manufacturing of metals and plastics.

How to reduce CNC machining cost

CNC machining is the most popular prototype machining technology, how to reduce CNC machining cost is a matter worthy of discussion. DDPROTOTYPE’s continuous and steady growth in CNC machining performance is due to its commitment to improvement, innovation, quality process and customer satisfaction. These are our basic tools to provide you (our customers) with the best quality products and services.

Guide For Plastic Injection Molding

DDPROTOTYPE is a leading plastic injection molding manufacturer in China. It takes about 20 minutes to read the guide for plastic injection molding based on 15 years of experience.At DDPROTOTYPE, you can easily, quickly and competitively outsource injection molding products. When you upload your design to ddprototype, our machinist will detect any potential design problems for manufacturability design analysis before production starts, and will give you a quotation as soon as possible.

CNC prototyping cost

When you need prototype manufacturing services, the first thing to consider is the CNC prototyping cost, the second is whether the designed parts can reduce the cost as much as possible without affecting the original intention. Again, that material is more suitable for prototype design, and whether there are more substitutable materials. These problems will need to be solved before mass production.

Design for CNC machining

In this article, you will learn all the knowledge needed to optimize design for CNC machining parts: from machinability design rules to cost reduction techniques, from material selection guidelines to surface treatment suggestions. First of all, there are some limitations in CNC machining. Let’s first understand those factors that limit CNC machining. The limitation of CNC machining is the natural result of cutting process

Anodizing Aluminum

When your aluminum prototype or parts need aesthetic design, anodizing aluminum is one of the first choices. If you need functional aluminum parts that are subject to corrosion or wear, such as aircraft parts or consumer goods, this finishing service will meet your needs. Anodized aluminum also has a visual appeal, especially because you can add color to parts while maintaining the metallic luster.