DDPROTOTYPE is a leading CNC capabilities manufacturer in China. It has a series of CNC services, including 5-axis precision CNC machining, manufacturing, milling, turning, EDM / WEDM and other technologies. It is a prototype machining factory worthy of trust from designers all over the world. We look forward to having a good cooperation time with you.

Design verification

DDPROTOTYPE fully understands the importance of prototype design verification in optimizing new products and time to market. When we help customers launch products with complex structures, we can provide substantive engineering analysis, technology and manufacturing optimization to achieve customer goals. Our team has extensive experience in documentation, design, rapid prototyping, engineering validation and conversion to mass production.

Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing is an integral part of our entire manufacturing sector. DDPROTOTYPE analyses contract manufacturing and global procurement opportunities according to customer requirements and objectives, and provides customers with informed decision-making based on price, quality, delivery time, capacity and service. Over the years, DDPROTOTYPE has purchased a wide range of products worldwide, from high-strength plastics to rare metals for aerospace parts.

Production Supply

Our manufacturing and production supply services ensure that mass production of parts conforms to complete design intentions and specifications. When you have a very large number of products and need to shorten the production cycle as soon as possible, we can also complete the harsh task in the case of a very limited production time.