Advantages of CNC Machining

Advantages of CNC Machining

DDPROTOTYPE has 15 years of mature experience in the field of rapid prototyping, and is one of the leading CNC machining service companies in China. CNC machining has many advantages. Now we mainly introduce three of advantages of CNC machining:

CNC machining is a relatively new process in the field of machining, which can increase efficiency through higher levels of automation and allowing the machine and its computer control to do all the work. Although CNC machines are expensive and complex, they quickly pay for themselves by reducing workload and preventing errors.

The first major advantages of CNC machining

The first major advantage of CNC machining is that it increases automation and eliminates the need for more machinist work. If necessary, the CNC machine can work for hours or even days, so that the machinist can focus on other tasks. It also allows the company to keep fewer operating costs, which saves money. The machinist’s workload is relatively small, and safety can also be improved, because if a paper jam or other potential danger occurs, the only damage to the CNC machine is itself. CNC machine tools also work much faster than human mechanics because they are faster, more robust and do not require rest. They can also run late at night after most workers return home, because machines don’t have to worry about getting sleepy or working overtime to get paid.



The second great advantages of CNC machining

The second great advantage of CNC machining is that it produces accurate results every time. Even the best mechanics will have slight differences between the end results, and the CNC machine will produce exactly the same results every time. This is important in the modern world of standardized and interchangeable parts. In a traditional machinist’s part, even a defective cut would render the entire machine unusable. Currently, it is only necessary to develop a program and put it into a CNC machine. In this way, the machine can perform tedious tasks and produce accurate replicas accurate to a thousandth of an inch each time.



The third major advantages of CNC machining

The third major advantage of CNC machining is the flexibility of the CNC machine itself. Although humans are more flexible and easier to train than machines, CNC machines can be completely reprogrammed in hours to produce completely different products. Therefore, when different parts are required, you can refer to the old procedure or install the new procedure. Compared to other machines, this brings great advantages to CNC machines, as they can be quickly transferred to produce completely different products without having to install many new parts or make major modifications to major components. This also ensures that CNC machines can meet customer needs.