Is Chinese CNC machining service reliable?

Is Chinese CNC machining service reliable?

Since China joined the WTO in 2001, it has been a global leader in manufacturing and a major participant in the CNC machining industry for over 20 years. With the continuous development of Industry 4.0 strategy and intelligent manufacturing concepts, China’s demand for precision machining is increasing to enhance China’s leading position in various aspects of the manufacturing industry. This requires an increasing investment in CNC machinists and CNC machines. For example, world-renowned companies like Apple have deep cooperation with Chinese manufacturing companies to produce the most advanced communication products. We will explore in detail the reliability of finding CNC machining services in China.

1.Advantages of Chinese CNC Machining Services

  • Complete industrial categories.Chinese industry has 41 major categories, 207 medium categories, and 666 small categories. It is the country with the most complete industrial system in the world. Among the 500 major industrial products, the output of more than 40% of them ranks first in the world.

  • Low cost of production factors. China is a country with vast land and rich resources, and the cost of labor and land is relatively low compared with European and American countries; therefore, “good quality and low price” is often described as “Made in China”.

  • Strong supply chain. While CNC machining service options have increased in recent years with rising manufacturing in nearby countries such as Vietnam and Taiwan, Chinese companies generally deliver better results. This is partly due to the more sophisticated Chinese CNC companies, but also due to the mainland’s stronger supply chain and raw material reserves.

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  • High production efficiency. It is a common phenomenon in China that CNC processing factories run 7*24 hours.In order to meet orders and deliver them to customers’ addresses on time, a large amount of CNC machine tools and personnel training are invested. Statistically, Chinese annual purchase of CNC machine tools is about 30 billion US dollars, or even more.

  • Advanced logistics system. The distances around the world are becoming shorter and shorter, and today’s advanced logistics system makes it easier for China to connect the world. For example, it takes about 3-5 days to send products to the United States through DHL or FEDEX.

In fact it is, with the promise of low cost and quick turnaround, more and more international companies are seeking CNC machining services in China. This is a crucial step for many product developers, as few other countries can match China in terms of cost and efficiency.

2. Found a reliable Chinese CNC machining service supplier

Having said that, in terms of CNC machining, China’s scope is too large, and it is a challenge for how to target a trustworthy service provider. Identify the factors that you need to focus on and verify, analyze the information, eliminate suppliers that are clearly not suitable for further cooperation, and then you can obtain a list of qualified CNC processing suppliers. Here are some factors you should consider

Quality control. Quality control of CNC machined parts is a key point you need to consider. To ensure your supplier has reliable inspection instruments and verification protocols, look for full paper records and traceable barcodes or serial numbers to avoid counterfeit or substandard material. Find out whether the CNC processing supplier has passed the relevant certification or complies with certain international regulations, such as “ISO9001” and so on. You can request measurement and quality reports before shipping.

Experience. Generally speaking, knowing the operating time of CNC machining suppliers is also useful information. The most professional and capable CNC parts manufacturers and CNC service providers should have been in business for many years. Only good reputation and quality can support the company’s long-term development. Experienced suppliers have developed a wealth of knowledge in the field and are able to deal with difficulties expertly.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). A minimum order quantity should be specified. Most Chinese suppliers have MOQ. Smaller minimum order quantities are a lower barrier to entry for buyers, reducing the risk of ordering large quantities of defective products. If you’re developing a prototype, it’s best to work with a supplier with a lower MOQ.

Delivery time. Whether the product is delivered on time depends on many factors, such as the number of parts, part size and complexity, raw materials, etc. The delivery time of samples and mass production is also different, and you should clearly communicate the delivery time commitment with the supplier in advance.

Customer service. If you do not have experience sourcing independently from Chinese suppliers, customer service is an important part. Customer service includes pre-sales, sales and after-sales services. Through different periods, you can observe the attitude, professionalism and response speed of employees. Of course, language comprehension is also an important part of the test, so as to determine the most suitable for your business requirements.

On-site inspection of machining suppliers. When necessary, translators, quality departments and product engineers can be invited to visit the factories of CNC machining suppliers in China. During the on-site inspection, you can observe the supplier’s scale, production capacity and other aspects, as well as the process management system, which helps to grasp more real information.

Word of mouth. This is another useful way to build a shortlist of CNC machining service providers in China. Talk to other hardware companies in the region about their experiences working with Chinese CNC machining factories.

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Request information. Please request information from shortlisted companies before making a decision. Once the mutual connection is established, please continue to ask questions to find out how the Chinese CNC machining factory executes your CNC project, and until you are satisfied. If you can’t get a clear answer, the processing plant probably isn’t the right partner.

Send an inquiry. Understand whether the cost of CNC project processing in China meets the budget. If you send the RFQ to several shortlisted Chinese CNC machining companies, you will have a good understanding of who can offer discounted prices; It is worth noting that not the lowest priced CNC machining supplier is the most suitable one.

Place an order for testing. To ensure that potential CNC machining service providers in China can meet the quality requirements of specific parts or products, it is recommended to order a prototype trial order first. You don’t need to pay too much, the prototype will be able to check whether specific CNC machining companies can produce parts that meet specific standards on time.

Many overseas customers don’t know where to find Chinese CNC machining companies. Well, Google search may be the fastest way. A well managed CNC machining shop has its own official website. Another convenient method is to search on e-commerce platforms, the most famous of which are Alibaba, Made in China, Global Resources, etc. There are many companies, trade or factories there, and you can choose any CNC machining service you like from China.

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