WEDM service

WEDM service

Working with the right CNC machining factory is critical to the growth and success of any business,If you need WEDM services, you need to look for factories with the following characteristics:


Quality always comes first. When you look for a manufacturer, you want to be able to provide you with quality products and services. If the manufacturer meets the standard, the consumer trusts your services and products, so that your company’s financial statements will see good figures. Build a long-term partnership by working with the right service provider (e.g. DDPROTOTYPE).



Another quality you are looking for is precision. You want the manufacturer to provide you with results that match your product specifications in various ways. DDPROTOTYPE has the first-class ability in online WEDM service, which can ensure the accuracy required to complete any work. DDPROTOTYPE invested advanced wired EDM equipment from Japan in 2016, Mitsubishi mv-2400, which has a strong strength in machining precision.

wedm service


In today’s machining industry, it’s a good idea to hire a company with resources, teams, facilities and networks to provide a range of manufacturing capabilities and improve your competitiveness in this field. DDPROTOTYPE is a first-class cable WEDM service provider, able to complete multiple projects with talented employees and robotics, so as to complete the work efficiently and skillfully.


In the machining industry, almost no parts from the same drawing are machined. We have good adaptability and can accept the challenge of your unique requirements. DDPROTOTYPE’s prototyping service is a vital part of getting your parts into production. Work with us to get the parts to the target on time.


Our WEDM service

We are an experienced team, providing WEDM services, can provide excellent results, very suitable for complex and demanding projects. Please contact us for more information about our wire EDM services.