Lifetime mold warranty of injection mold

DDPROTOTYPE provides different types of plastic injection mold, and provides different warranty to meet your production requirements. If you need a prototype or a low volume part mold, we guarantee that the prototype mold can hold up to 10000 pieces. However, if you need a larger number of plastic parts, we will provide lifetime mold warranty on all production molds.

Lifetime injection mold warranty means that we will maintain and renovate the mold as needed during the service life of your mold without any cost to you. As long as we run your parts in the manufacturing plant, your mold has a lifetime warranty under the terms and conditions of DDPROTOTYPE.


DDPROTOTYPE will correct design defects that are not conducive to injection molding before mold design. If at any time during the processing of the order there is a plastic defect and it has been identified, the customer will be informed. If the customer agrees, a design change will be made, otherwise the order will be void and the advance payment will be returned in full. When the customer’s design is not conducive to industry standards and / or DDPROTOTYPE molding technology, DDPROTOTYPE will provide design change suggestions. Tools and parts quotations are based on the size and weight of the parts listed in the quotation. The customer is responsible for verifying the parts listed in the quotation that meet the customer’s part design.


Pricing and payment terms

All prices are in US dollars and payment shall be made in US dollars. According to the customer’s credit report, at least 50% down payment is required to start mold production. The remaining tooling cost will be invoiced when the sample parts are shipped. Payment for parts is separate and prepaid. Five samples will be provided to the customer for inspection and acceptance of the mold. The customer shall have a period of 5 working days from the date the parts are received for sample approval. If DDPROTOTYPE is not informed of non-compliance within this time period, the customer confirms approval and pays. Payment terms for parts have been prepaid with the order. Acceptable payment methods include wire transfers, ACh, checks, and credit and debit cards, including MasterCard, visa, American Express and discover.


All tools are based on customer supplied 3D CAD data, which replaces any conflict with 2D dimensional or geometric data. The first quality report of five samples of key dimensions indicated by the customer is provided free of charge. Refer to full-scale layouts, CMM reports, or more as needed.Once paid in full, the customer will assume ownership of the mold core. If a replaceable die holder is used, the customer has ownership of the die core. Ddprototype will maintain and store customers’ tools free of charge for three years of idle time. During this period, all tools are only used to manufacture parts for the original customer or his authorized partner. However, the dynamic characteristics of the injection molding process will not guarantee the accuracy of the part. After adding shrinkage, cut the mold to a standard tolerance of + / – 0.005 inches. The standard tolerance for CNC machined parts is + / – 0.005 inch for plastic parts and + / – 0.002 inch for metal parts.


Part design iteration

DDPROTOTYPE will modify the tool to support design changes to the quote. DDPROTOTYPE reserves the right to determine the suitability of the die modification and manufacture of new tooling. For each part run or tool sample resulting from a customer driven mold design change, an installation fee will be charged based on the size of the injection molding machine required. Changing or adding plastic resins or colors will result in additional trial and approved samples for which the customer will be quoted. Each change of color during part operation will incur costs.

Part usage and destination

It is the customer’s responsibility to comply with all applicable laws or the laws of any country and / or territory relating to the direct or indirect use of the parts and their final destination. The customer also certifies that the 3D CAD data submitted to DDPROTOTYPE does not produce products that violate gun law or any other international government law. DDPROTOTYPE is not responsible for any violation of firearms law or any other international government law resulting from the manufacture, delivery or use of any design product provided by the customer.


DDPROTOTYPE is not responsible for the design of the products generated by this transaction. All designs are the result of the customer providing ddprototype with 3D CAD design to produce the customer’s goods, whether the products are designed by the customer or approved by the customer for the third party production.

DDPROTOTYPE is responsible or responsible for the materials selected by customers for the production of their parts. Although the project manager of DDPROTOTYPE may suggest which material may be a better choice for the production of customer goods, DDPROTOTYPE and / or its representatives will not express, imply or choose which material to use in the production of customer goods. The selection of the above materials is the sole responsibility of the customer for their goods. Customers shall be responsible for their own due diligence and research to understand that the material and design of their products best comply with government regulations regarding health and safety, CE, FCC, FDA, FMCSA, ISO, NSF, UL and USP requirements, strength, durability and / or flexibility, or other regulations not mentioned or implied at present or in the future. This also includes the special materials purchased by iconold according to the requirements of customers, and the special materials provided by customers to icomold for customers’ goods.

After receiving the export mold, the customer is responsible for ensuring that the mold meets the specifications of the part 3D CAD model provided by the customer. The customer shall have 30 days to notify DDPROTOTYPE of any non conformity. If DDPROTOTYPE is not informed within 30 days after the customer receives the mold, the customer confirms that the mold has been accepted and meets the requirements. DDPROTOTYPE will review any issues of customer’s attention that are not consistent with the 3D CAD model of the part. If DDPROTOTYPE agrees with any non conformity, it may, at its sole discretion, allow the mold to be returned to its mold manufacturer in Shenzhen, China for rework. If the return is approved, DDPROTOTYPE will pay the shipping cost of the mold. If the customer needs air transportation, the customer will pay the difference between the cost of shipping and air transportation. DDPROTOTYPE is not responsible for any business loss, loss of revenue or any loss arising from the return of export molds for rework.

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Confidentiality / Privacy

DDPROTOTYPE will do its best to maintain the confidential information of its customers, and we will do our best to maintain the confidentiality of the information submitted, whether it is personal / company information, CAD files, quotations or orders. In addition, our employees understand that documents and information submitted to DDPROTOTYPE should be kept confidential as they may contain proprietary information and / or intellectual property rights. In addition, ddprototype agrees not to share confidential information or uploaded files with any person or corporate entity other than ddprototype and its permitted partners. At the written request of the customer, DDPROTOTYPE will delete or erase all electronic data (CAD files) from its computer system, unless data that cannot be accessed by conventional means is electronically archived and / or backed up. All printed and electronic documents relating to customer’s confidential and / or proprietary information shall also be destroyed at client’s written request, unless such electronic data is not readily available to customer. DDPROTOTYPE will confirm to the customer that all electronic data and paper documents have been destroyed and / or erased.